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            • Cinterion 4G Modem Cards

              Global LTE Cat 1, Cat 3 and Cat 6 Connectivity for Industrial Solutions

              Cinterion 4G Modem Cards
            • Delivering IoT connectivity in an evolving network landscape

              This report was developed with the collective insight of IoT industry leaders at Gemalto and respected members of the IoT community in Europe and the US.

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            • Securing Devices in Advanced Metering Infrastructures Whitepaper

              Securing Devices in Advanced Metering Infrastructures

              The whitepaper provides recommendations for Smart Meter and HES Vendors to deploy a secure AMI. It highlights identified limitations of current security efforts and best practices to improve cybersecurity while simplifying metering roll-outs.

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            • Empowering DSOs to secure the Smart Grid

              As the main actors for managing the smart grid, Distribution System Operators (DSOs) are central to driving the evolution of the new energy ecosystem. This whitepaper brings recommendations for them to build security at the very beginning of smart metering deployments. It is a guide to ensure data trustworthiness throughout the ecosystem and the success of the new energy digitalized world.

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            • commercial drone industry

              Using Mobile Networks to Coordinate Unmanned Aircraft Traffic

              Mobile Network Operators have a key role in supporting unmanned air traffic management for the commercial drone industry. In particular, cellular connectivity is the key enabler for beyond-visual-line of-sight use of commercial drones.

              Find out more with the latest GSMA report
            • IoT Data Plans

              Right size IoT data plans and save costs

              The whitepaper offers IoT service providers and financial officers an overview of the IoT Connectivity Smart Saver solution: how to optimize IoT data plans in real time and reduce connectivity costs.

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            • Connected living 2030: The voice of the consumer

              Connected living 2030: The voice of the consumer

              What do they expect their IoT experience to be in 2030? Survey analysis report

              Connected living 2030: The voice of the consumer [PDF - 2.2mb]
            • http://authoring.gemalto.com/iot/inspired/commercial-drone

              How consumers visualize the drones in 2030?

              Find out more [ PDF - 2.1mb]
            • IoT Security Whitepaper

              IoT Security: The Key Ingredients for Success

              In the light of the challenges posed by IoT security complexity and the perceived cost of implementation, this whitepaper aims to simplify key concepts and highlight strategies for successful, cost-effective IoT security deployments.

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            • Tierra Telematics, improving business with IoT ingenuity

              Tierra and Gemalto: Right Sizing IoT Connectivity Service Plans in real time

              Gemalto IoT Connectivity Smart Saver solution helps Tierra Telematics keep track of hundreds of thousands of devices and their connectivity consumption. You′ll learn how the company got away from traditional methods for an innovative solution, automatically monitoring deployed devices while considerably economizing service plan expenses.

              Tierra and Gemalto: Right Sizing IoT Connectivity Service Plans in real time
            • Gemalto seeks to enable an ‘internet of trust’ for IoT

              Gemalto′s Internet of Trust – 451 Research report

              As IoT demand grows and competition increases, Gemalto offers the building blocks to address the IoT challenges and simplify the overall IoT journey. Download the report from analyst house 451 Research, which looks at Gemalto′s ability to enable the ′internet of trust′ for IoT.

              Download the report
            • Commercial drones

              Commercial drones

              Gemalto as trust enablerin the drone ecosystem

              Commercial drones [PDF - 635kb]
            • The State of IoT Security – Global Survey Report

              Gemalto partnered with market research group Vanson Bourne on a new global survey exploring the state of IoT security. The survey report goes through the key learnings and how IoT players perceive the risk and challenges of securing the IoT ecosystem.

              Download the report
            • Cyber-security for Advanced Metering Infrastructure

              End-to-end cyber-security solution for Utilities – Solution Overview

              As the energy ecosystem gets more complex and keeps expanding, so does the opportunity for cyber-attacks. Gemalto helps Utilities, DSO and meter vendors to secure energy assets and ensure a complete credential lifecycle management for all stakeholders, over long periods.

              Download this Solution Overview
            • Mobike partners with Gemalto

              Mobike and Gemalto Drive the IoT Bike Sharing Boom

              Mobike, an innovative IoT start-up, launched a groundbreaking bike sharing service that provides affordable, emission-free public transportation in urban environments while solving the first and last mile challenge. The company teamed up with Gemalto, the global leader in digital security and IoT technology, to provide secure IoT wireless connectivity for Mobike’s global fleet of smart bicycles.

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            • What do consumers want from their connected future?

              What do consumers want from their connected future?

              Over the past 18 months we’ve spoken to 5,000 people from nine countries about what they want from their future mobile and IoT experience. The findings are fascinating and complex.

              Download the whitepaper [PEDF - 3.1mb]
            • Bonaverde connected coffee machine

              Disrupting the coffee ecosystem with IoT Innovation

              Bonaverde and Gemalto are leveraging the power of the IoT to transform the way one of the world’s favorite beans is traded, brewed, perceived and enjoyed.

              Read more about how it all works
            • Connected Cars Survey results

              The connected car is on its way

              But what do consumers think about the new mobility era? We asked over 7,000 people from the UK, France, Germany and the USA to find out...

              Download the infographic
            • Automotive and New Mobility services brochure

              Automotive & Mobility Services

              Connect, Secure, Authenticate drivers and passengers offering personalized services.

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            • Gemalto On-Demand Connectivity

              Getting devices connected via Remote eSIM Provisioning

              Gemalto On-Demand Connectivity [PDF - 1.1mb]
            • Get more insights on how to accelerate your own IOT project

              Guide to successful enterprise IoT deployments

              This guide assists those thinking about how the Internet of Things can aid their organizations. The report outlines the opportunity that the new levels of connectivity bring, and helps demystify what it takes to deploy an enterprise IoT solution.

              Download t??he report?
            • a bespoke development can result in significant savings, both in terms of costs and time

              Fast track your success in the booming IoT space

              The benefits of using Gemalto Cinterion? Cellular Terminals to connect your industrial applications vs a fully bespoke design deployment.

              Download our infographic for a quick overview of enterprise IoT deployments
            • Cinterion Connect Shield

              Cinterion? Connect Shield

              A cellular maker board in Arduino form factor

              Cinterion? Connect Shield
            • Connect. Secure. Monetize.?

              Connect. Secure. Monetize.?

              Trust is key to the success of Industrial IoT Gemalto provide the essential building blocks for a robust and productive IoT ecosystem: > Trusted connectivity > Solid security framework > Valuable monetization scheme

              Download our free eBook and discover how you can Connect. Secure. Monetise. ? your IoT solutions with Gemalto.
            • Turning things on

              With everything from smart homes to autonomous cars, the integration of connected technology in everyday life has become a reality. The Internet of Things can enhance our way of living. But before drawing benefit from these “things”, we need to turn them on first! Turning things on is Gemalto’s view on how the embedded SIM is paving the way for connecting these array of smart things, and bringing them to life.

              Download the whitepaper
            • Juniper Research lists Gemalto as leader in IoT Connectivity & Security technologies

              Juniper Research lists Gemalto as leader in IoT Connectivity & Security technologies

              Gemalto, has been recognized by Juniper Research, the respected industry analyst, as a key player in the global M2M sector. This leadership position is based on Gemalto's advanced capabilities and product offering for the industrial and consumer IoT markets, where Juniper predicts strong growth for eSIMs and remote subscription management platforms.

              Download the whitepaper
            • Download the infographic

              Bringing Trust to the Internet of Things

              The Internet of Things touches many different sectors and applications, ranging from connected cars to smart homes and intelligent infrastructure. This diversity has spawned an ecosystem that consumers need to trust to keep their data protected.

              Download the infographic
            • IoT Outlook 2016 Report

              IoT Outlook 2016 Report

              Based on a survey on 900 telecom and enterprise technology professionals, this report gives you insight on IoT industry in general, its industrial applications, cellular networking challenges, network security and cloud computing potential .

              IoT Outlook 2016 Report
            • Connected Living 2025 Survey

              Connected Living 2025 Survey

              An international study of consumers expectations for the future of mobile technology

              Download the findings compiled into a special survey analysis report, Connected Living 2025
            • A Safer Internet of Things

              Gemalto’s Guide To Making the Internet of Things A Safe Place To Connect

              Download the eBook
            • Cellular Connectivity Management for Consumer Electronics devices

              Deliver a smooth end-user connectivity experience with Gemalto’s embedded SIM and On-Demand Connectivity services

              Cellular Connectivity Management for Consumer Electronics devices
            • Value-Added Services for Consumer Electronics devices

              Bring new use cases to market with Gemalto’s embedded Secure Element and Trusted Service Hub

              Value-Added Services for Consumer Electronics devices [PDF - 137kb]
            • Gemalto M2M technology helps solve honey bee crisis

              IoT solution enables agriculture innovation. Eltopia Teams Up with Gemalto for Easy-to-Use, Pesticide-Free, Compostable Solution "MiteNot"

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            • Wearables

              Gemalto, your trusted partner to empower wearable devices

              Wearables [PDF - 363kb]
            • On-Demand Provisioning Service

              Next generation of mobile subscription deployment for connected devices and IoT

              On-Demand Provisioning Service
            • Gemalto Cinterion PLS62-W Infographic

              The only wireless module for complete global IoT connectivity

              Download our infographic